When was your first camping trip or are you a newbie camper?

When was your first camping trip or are you a newbie camper?

For Marilyn who comes from Africa she started camping at a young age.  Penny joined the joy of campers as a baby in sunny England.

Both of us still enjoy and partake in regular camping trips.

A few tips to help you get started. It’s important to plan your trip and do a little research on the campsite or area you’ll be camping in.

If you’re using a tent do a trial run at home putting it up and taking it down. Make a list of all the utensils and items you need to take with you.

Trust me whenever I know best because I’ve done it a gazillion times you can be sure I’ve forgotten some essentials. 

Are you going to be using wood or charcoal or both for your BBQ/Fire Pit? Do you want to have a BBQ followed by the hypnotising enjoyment of a flaming Fire Pit ?

Your decision will determine the shape you set up with your flat pack firepit and BBQ.

It’s always safe to bring your own wood and kindling if you’re not familiar with the area and can be guaranteed to find the right resources there. Remember the lighter or matches. A good tip is to put matches in a plastic container to keep dry

The best way to start your fire is to crumple up some paper and find some dry leaves and small twigs or bring some kindling with you. Put the crumpled paper in first then put your twigs leaves and kindling in a wigwam like structure on top of that. Be careful not to overcrowd it, you want to allow air to be able to circulate. You can keep adding kindling until you have a good fire going. 

Next add your charcoal, or if you’re making a wood fire, add the thinner of your pieces of wood and as this start catching alight keep adding more until you have the fire you desire.

Usually, wood or coals need to burn for a good 30 minutes before you start cooking on them. There should be no flames and with charcoal they should be ash grey.

When you’ve finished eating to enjoy the mesmerising flame from the fire pit add some extra kindling and bigger pieces of wood to get those flames ignited.

Enjoy relaxing around the fire pit and why not try toasting some marshmallows. Trust me I’m not a sweet lover but a fire toasted marshmallow is hard to resist

Enjoy and be sure to share your experiences with us . Go to “Enjoy Share and Win”