Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions our customers have before purchasing their OutbackBarbie. If you have other questions,
please reach out to us at

BEFORE you use the fire pit, read and follow the safety instructions on the insert. DO NOT let children assemble or use the fire pit. Use the fire mat as a visual guide for safe distancing for children.

It weighs 13kgs/28.66 pounds and fits in the supplied strong canvas bag to make it easy to carry. Straps are long so you can carry it over your shoulder.

No, all pieces are included, and no tools are necessary.

Yes, the bbq grill can sit on the fire pit in all positions except the low long log position.

You can use paper, kindling (dry leaves and sticks), wood, bbq coals/briquettes. DO NOT use petrol/gas, kerosene, diesel or other flammable liquids or accelerants.

If the fire pit is in the ‘V’ position, you can place the baseplate in the V and place bbq coals/briquettes on, then place the bbq grill on top, to make a traditional charcoal bbq.

Place both side plates in the bottom slots so longer logs can overhang and burn. Be careful not to create a trip hazard with the logs. Always place the fire mat underneath in case a burning log drops on the ground.

No, wait for it to cool before changing positions.

The mat protects against grass-fires from hot ash dropping under the fire pit. The mat will not burn if hot ash or small burning wood drops out. Please note the mat is not heat-proof, so it will not stop heat transferring through the mat.

Stainless steel tongs which can be used to adjust the coals/wood as well as for cooking. BBQ gloves or oven gloves which can be used for cooking, or packing away.

Ideally if you’re in an area where there is sand, use it to put out the fire, and cool down the fire pit enough to pack away. Alternatively use water, a little at a time, until it is cool enough to handle, or leave fire pit to cool naturally. We recommend heat-proof gloves to dismantle fire pit and pack away if warm.

This depends on how you put the fire out. If you use sand or water, it will cool down more quickly than if you wait for the logs/coals to burn down to ash. Do not attempt to dismantle or move until the fire pit is cool to touch. When cool, dismantle and wrap up in the fire mat and place in canvas bag. The fire pit can be cleaned later on.

Break it down into the five flat pieces. If it is still warm, wrap in the fire-retardant mat then place in canvas bag, and put grill in canvas bag . Once you get home you can unpack, wash, leave until dry and repack ready for your next adventure.

Once the fire pit has cooled down, hose down with water and scrub off any grime with soapy water and a gentle scouring pad. Leave to dry before placing back in canvas bag.

The fire pit is made from 3mm raw steel so if it gets wet, and is not dried out, it will start to rust. However this will not damage the fire pit, or cause any deterioration, it will just make it look more authentic and rustic.